Our formula for sharper vision

In the sun too, Nikon makes a difference


Nikon is legendary for the exceptional precision, sharpness and distortion-free quality of its images. Faithful to the the legend, our lenses are a perfect combination of superior material, optical design and coating, offering exceptional sharpness and clarity of vision.

Superior optical design

The design of a lens determines how it will function. Do you need to see far away? Up close? Or both? Nikon’s advanced technologies in precision and customization are an essential part of ophthalmic lens design to give you clearer, sharper and distortion-free vision.

Superior materials

Purity and homogeneity are very important factors for lenses to have a high level of transmittance in order to sufficiently let through the light. Nikon has been involved in the development of materials for a wide range of optical products to meet a wide array of needs. Thanks to this know-how Nikon is known for producing some of the thinnest and clearest ophthalmic lenses.

Superior coatings

The primary roles of coatings are to control light and reduce reflections. Coatings are applied to the outer layer of lenses also with the aim of repelling water and oil, preventing static electricity and improving scratch resistance. In the case of eyeglasses, cleaner, clearer, sharper and more durable lenses are brought by Nikon’s coating technologies.

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