Custom made to your vision

Polashade Viewfit: optical design, lens curve and index based on your specific needs

1. Custom made optical design for the most precise sunwear vision, in prescription glasses

For corrective lens users that require the same high level of sunwear performance as Nikon non-prescription sunglasses, we developed Polashade Viewfit prescription lenses. They offer the same* superior light filtration properties as non-prescription sunglasses, combined with high performance customized aspheric correction.

Polashade Viewfit lenses are available in selected countries only, as Polashade 2 Viewfit or as Polashade Reveal Viewfit premium lenses; all of them in identical* tints as the non prescription sunglasses. Click here to discover more about the optical technologies of Polashade Viewfit.





2. Better aesthetics with base curve matching

Polashade Viewfit lenses offer you the same* outlook as non-prescription sunglasses, minimizing the impact of power correction prescription on the aesthetics of your glasses.

3. High index materials for thinner lenses

Polashade Viewfit lenses are available in high-precision 1.5 index material and in 1.6 high-index material, allowing for reduced lens thickness.


*Lens materials used for prescription lenses are adapted to prescription lens manufacturing. In consequence, prescription lenses outlook and filtration properties may differ from the outlook and filtration properties of non prescription sunglasses.

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